Monday, September 7, 2009

Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago Style)

The other night I was watching Chef and the City and they had some Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and guess what? No one makes it here where I live. So, we decided to make it ourselves and here's a picture. It was delicious! All you need to do is:

Pizza crust by Pillsbury (1 can)
8 oz mozzarella (slices are great but shredded works too)
1 can of stewed tomatoes (drained and squished)
Marinara sauce (or you can just use the tomatoes, which I like best)

We added sausage, canadian bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, basil, oregano. Whatever you want to add.

Just spread your dough in the pan (we had to buy pans) and make sure it covers the sides. Add the cheese to the bottom of the pan and use half. Add your fixings, put the tomatoes on, add the rest of the cheese and bake about 15 minutes or so, until your crust is golden brown.

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