Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Various stuff

First off, I had my VERSACE moment today. Remember in Showgirls where she tells the people that she got her dress at Versace except she pronounces it ver-sase? Finally someone tells her it’s ver-sachi. I was the consignment store picking up some photos for their website and asked if they had any Givenchy perfume in since it’s my favorite brand. He asked me to spell it and I did. I pronounce it Gi-vinchee and guess what? It’s pronounced Jee-von-shay. I actually looked it up when I got home and he was right, I was saying it wrong. Imagine how stupid I felt. LOL

We actually watched SNL the other night when the F word was slipped. We kept rewinding the DVR just to make sure we’d actually heard it and yes, there it was on the news section of Comcast today. We weren’t imagining things at all.

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Supposedly it’s supposed to get chilly the next few nights but I’ll believe it when I see it since it was supposed to be in the 60’s tonight. Right now it’s 2:30 am and it’s still 77 outside so that sure didn’t happen.

I’m so proud of myself. I got a B on my test in Juvenile Justice. This is an awesome teacher but I never do well on his tests and this is my third class with him. I always make a C or lower on the tests even though I always pass his classes. I wonder if it’s the Acai I’m taking. LOL Seriously, everything on the test just came to me while taking it, which never happens in there. I’m sure not complaining. Now let’s see if I do that well on the Probation and Parole test I have on Thursday.

I had some burgers delivered from Schwan’s today. They were free to try out the service and they delivered them to the door, no charge. They left a catalog and some of the food is quite inexpensive. He told us he’d be around till about 8:30 pm if we wanted anything else and lo and behold they have the stuffed potatoes with cheese. He came back and we got a couple of pizzas and those. It was neat because he wanted to meet our dogs and spent a lot of time playing with the twins. I thought that was cool.

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