Thursday, October 15, 2009

Criminal Minds

I hear some people talk about how dark this show is. You all know it's my favorite but last night it did have a show that I consider quite depressing as well. It was about this group of guys who kill just for fun. I find that scarier than a serial killer because usually they have a motive but guys who do the other do not. It wouldn't matter who you were and there'd be no reasoning with them either. I found that show most unpleasant to watch even though I loved it. So what do you find the most scary? I mean killers, not anything supernatural cause we all know clowns are my archilles heel. I mean, they're not supernatural but they're evil.

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Gideon (the actor that plays him) left after the second season because the show was just too dark for him. I haven't watched it past that, but I found the show very interesting.


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