Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cryo-Cell breast cancer donations and research

Cryo-Cell is a company that specializes in harvesting stem cells from menstrual blood. It’s a process that can be done at home and is easy to do but is a decision that can save your life. Recently, they have launched a campaign aimed to help with breast cancer awareness since October is the month for that. Most people know someone affected by breast cancer and this is an issue close to my own heart since my mother is a survivor.

Cyro-Cell Breast Cancer Donation is a partnership with the National Institute of Health to research the possibility of using menstrual stem cells to help with breast cancer treatment. Menstrual blood is an excellent source of stem cells and it’s easily obtained, with no discomfort to the self-donor. Right now they are even offering contributions to the Susan B. Komen Foundation by giving $50 for each purchase of the “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” service and $25 for each service with the “C’elle Menstrual Stem Cell.”

I’d like to encourage everyone to check this service out and learn more about C'Elle Breast Cancer Donation and research. Not only can it save a life, it’s a process that a lot of people may not be aware of.

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