Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

All I can say is, "NOOOOOOOO!" to the ending. Okay, so I had heard this sucked but I'm a sucker for special effects and doomsday movies. I watched it and it was okay I suppose. The kid was annoying, Jennifer Connelly played the cliched "gorgeous" scientist and of course there's Keanu Reeves' acting. I conquered all of that till it started getting preachy. Supposedly we are destroying earth so the aliens will wipe us out to save the planet. Here's a spoiler but since most of you have seen it, don't care or whatever, I'm going to ruin the ending. Okay, the aliens decide that we can all live because we can change so they don't kill us all but wait for it, they leave us with what equals a giant, worldwide EMP. Now we all know what happens during an EMP: no electricity, no cars, no technology at all. Yay aliens! Guess what? The world is now screwed and they might have just killed us mercifully instead. No technology means all the planes in the sky fall, all the medical equipment fails, no heating, no cooling, no transport for medicine and you guesses it, no food transport. Multiple worldwide accidents with no way of fixing things. So they screwed us after all. That had to be one of the worst endings I've ever seen in a movie that was semi-watchable. I give it a huge thumbs down just for that crap ending and thinking we're too stupid to realize what an EMP would actually do to civilization. Here's some really cute WTF moments from the movie.

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