Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Did some things and missed a few others

I added a couple of new things to my blog. I finally found a cloud tag I liked. I like the java ones best but not sure if Blogger supports that so I decided to just do the HTML one. I think I have to keep updating that one though. I also added a live feed widget instead of the other one I had. This one is neat because it tells me where they came from such as another blog, etc.

Funny I should be doing this since I have a zillion things to work on. I finally finished the KOSA newsletter but I also have a site to work on, to study for an exam, a cart I'm doing for a site, etc. This didn't take long and I really like it so that's a good thing.

Right now it's pouring outside which means I didn't get to pick up the dog toys outside before the bad weather. I have it on my list and was going to do it tonight in a few minutes but I missed out. :( Luckily I think their new Hide-A-Bee toy is inside sans a few of the bees but they had some other new toys that may or may not be out in the rain. Maybe I can run out there and toss them under the gazebo before they get really soaked. At least then they can dry some.

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