Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Find anyone

When I think back to a mentor or teacher that really helped me out when I was a child, I think of Miss Pope, my elementary school teacher. With MyLife you can find anyone you have been searching for with just a few simple clicks.

They’re America’s number one people search and you can even find out people who have searched for you. You can reconnect with people you haven’t seen for years, stay in touch with current friends and family and get together with old relationships or new ones. Unfortunately, my teacher has passed away but I was able to find a professor that means a lot to me: Professor P (full name hidden in case he doesn’t want it posted). I was able to find his profile and then connect with him on another social site as well as MyLife. If not for MyLife, I might not have found him at all.
The point is it’s wonderful to locate old friends, family members and classmates you’ve lost touch with along the years. With MyLife you have access to over 750 million profiles and that’s a lot!

Why not try them out and find that special someone you’ve been wondering about? They will even notify you if there is an update on a search you had no luck with. You can’t beat that kind of service.

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