Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get rid of ugly, get some cool prizes

LG has an awesome contest that’s totally fun. Even better is that it’s very simple to enter. Just go to the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page and become a fan of them. Once you do that then you just have to upload a video or picture of something you consider ugly and want to part with.

Once you submit your image or video you are entered to win the grand prize: a brand new LG Bliss phone. Second place winners will win a $50 gift card. There will be five grand prize winners and fifty second place winners so you might just get lucky!

The rules are simple and this is one of the easiest ways to enter a prize giveaway. Two steps and you could be the proud owner of this awesome LG Bliss phone or one of the gift cards.

Check out the Gallery of the Utterly Ugly and see some really ugly things such as:
• Trashy Trends (fabulously ugly fashion)
• Mutant machines (these mutant machines and outdated electronics belong in the junkyard)
• Ugly wonders of nature (naturally occurring wonders that make even the ugly tree look good)
• Ugly-mobiles (rides that are heading non-stop to Ugly Town)

I tried to find something ugly for my own post but if it’s ugly, I’ve already gotten rid of it or hid it away.

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