Saturday, October 17, 2009

Search engine for pets that need homes

There are so many pets that need a good home so if you’re looking to adopt a pet then try Petango. With - Adopt a cat! or a dog! It’s easy to use too. You just enter your zip code to find pets that need homes near you. They have a real-time searchable database so you always know which pet is available and the pets are housed at reputable shelters, which is very important. You know with them that you are adopting a healthy animal that needs to go to a forever home.

I did a search for pets in my area and saw the lovable dogs they have available. There are far too many pets that need loving homes and someone to care for them. I’d take them all if I could. This is an excellent service that is free to use. You can even follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Let’s get the word out there about this service so that more pets can find good homes with people like you. It doesn’t matter where you live; you’re most likely sure to find a pet in need. Why not check it out today and forward it to a friend as well. The pets need you.


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