Sunday, October 11, 2009

Styx Concert

R's brother got us tickets to the Seafood, Wine & Music Festival so we got to see Styx in concert. That was one great concert. R took some awesome pictures but I'll have to post those once I edit them. Great zoom lens though. The weather was hot at first but it did cool off some and we had a nice breeze. They played from 9 pm till almost 11. What sucks is that we had just enough time to run to Starbucks at Pier Park and they were closed. Why does every other SB stay open till 11 pm and that one, which is a busy area, closed at 10? We ended up getting coffee at McDonalds and came home. We had some yummy seafood at the festival. I had scallops and crab claws and R had alligator and scallops. More to come once we post the pictures.

1 comment:

Hampers said...

I love styx very much. Wish if I could make it to their upcoming concert. your blog looks perfect and it is appreciated.


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