Monday, November 16, 2009

A good day

Today started out rather yucky. I couldn't sleep and was up early but then went back to bed and got some much needed rest. After I got up there was a book signing by Mike Huckabee that I wanted to attend so we headed off to Pier Park. I got my book signed and met him then we ate some dinner/lunch. We then waited around to see 2012 and I loved it. Sure, it's FX overload but you all know how much I love that. Great movie for entertainment value and highly recommended. Then we finally left and got coffee in town because Starbucks on the beach can't stay open past a 3 year old's bedtime for some reason. All said and done we were at Pier Park for like 5 hours. The movie itself was almost 2 and a half hours. Either way it turned out to be a wonderful day. Got some website stuff done for Facebook pages for clients, watched some TV (Dexter was awesome) and now just hanging out.

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