Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Saw VI

A friend asked me to blog about Saw VI so I'll add it into my Halloween post. Okay, so that's what we did, go see Saw VI. R had to work today but it was a nice day. It was 66 most of today but by tonight it got a little chilly. Much better than the near 90's we had during which our a/c was broke.

We had dinner at this new pizza place but I really wasn't impressed. It was okay but nothing great. I said I didn't want sauce in my calzone and was told that that kind doesn't have sauce but when I got it, you guessed it...sauce. The mushrooms were great though so I have to give them credit for that.

Saw VI was really good but I love all of them anyway. This one added a really neat story and some back story as well, which is always good. The Saw franchise can get really confusing I admit but this one helped out a bunch. The gore was pretty much in tune with what it usually haves although the first scene was pretty intense. I'd give it a 7 or an 8. Maybe the 8 if some parts had been more lit up or not in fast mode. Still loved it though.

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