Friday, November 6, 2009

An inperfect day

I think because yesterday was a perfect day that the universe has to balance out or something. Today, not so perfect. I woke up at 9:00 AM with a cold and you all know that if I'm up that early then I am sick or on vacation and I'm not on a beach in Mexico. So I'm sick enough to go to bed later and fall out but then the mailman rings the doorbell and wakes me back up. We went to pick up some medicine, etc and when we got home the front door handle was broken. It's like a thing you turn down instead of a knob. We had to unlock the privacy fence and go through the back yard. We were then literally locked in our house until R took the handle off to be replaced. So my perfect day beget this imperfect sucky day. I can't complain though and my cold is subsiding.

Oh and I forgot about blogging about Dead Snow. This movie freaking rocks. I watched it the other day with R and he even liked it and he hates subtitles. It's from Finland and it's about these snow skier med students that camp out at this place where these Nazis were killed. The Nazis are zombies and let's just say it was the bloodiest movie I have ever seen and the most use of guts ever. But, even if that's not your thing the snow was absolutely breathtaking, the zombies breathed super loud in stereo and it was creepy and it was just awesome. I rated it a 5/5 and it is now one of my favorite foreign horror movies ever. Click the link and view the trailer.


Unknown said...

don't I get an honorable mention for recommending dead snow? :P

Karsun said...

Not if I saw a trailer of it eons ago and then you recommended it. LOL But I'll give you half credit. :)


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