Sunday, November 22, 2009

Organic Milk

I mentioned this on Facebook but I wanted to blog about it as well. I have discovered organic milk and now I'll never drink regular milk again if I can help it. It's more expensive but it's so worth it. I got the Organic Valley brand and thought I'd try the 2% milk since R doesn't like whole milk. Well, their 2% milk tastes like whole milk, it's that good! Not only that, organic milk lasts way longer than regular milk. You can keep it as long as a month since they process it differently. That helps with the cost since there's not as much wasted milk. However, I doubt we'll ever waste this stuff since the taste is out of this world. Plus, it's better for you. Try some of it. Get one of the small little cartons at Starbucks or wherever if you're not sure.

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Unknown said...

Organic milk Has all the nutritional goodness of non organic milk, but as the cow has a more natural diet there are added potential health benefits.It's also Naturally higher in certain nutrients than non organic milk, such as the Omega 3 essential fatty acid- Alpha Linolenic Acid.



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