Sunday, December 13, 2009

And we're off...

We're heading out tomorrow. I'll miss my doggies and birds (maybe the cat) and my own bed but can't wait to head to some sunshine and beautiful beaches. Everything can wait till we get home to fret over. This will be a very nice trip and I'm looking forward to it.

We finally got to finish season 5 of LOST. I loved it and can't wait for it to return. Let's just hope it "fits" this season or we'll have to wait to see it again. I personally still think it has a religious theme even though they said it was just time travel. Well why not both? Sort of a Dan Brown-type science meets religion. That's my guess anyway.

Oh and I passed my last test so I have B's for both classes. Not bad at all. :)

See you all when we return. I can e-mail if you need me, just no texting or social networking.

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