Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our non-vacation

Well, we went to Mobile and when we got there we encountered the worst fog I've ever seen. You could not even see a foot in front of you. When we got to the port the next day we were given a flyer stating we should head to the convention center or civic center, rather. Turns out that the fog was too bad for a ship to dock and the port was closed. We spent hours and hours at the center awaiting word. No ship that night. They decided they'd try the next day and one port would be all that we'd go to. Since we were looking forward to going to Calica so we could visit Xcaret, we opted to get a free cruise instead of going on this one. So we came back home last night. It really sucked but I'd rather wait then go on a cruise to one port for 5 days. I did meet some cool people, too bad we couldn't have gone on with them but being only 3 hours from home helped make our final decision. Plus, we'd rather go on the full cruise. Perhaps we should consider Fractional Yacht Onwership next time and take our own boat. However, if the port is closed there is nothing you can do. I'm just glad we could be home so fast. We did encounter more fog and then this huge storm on the way home. This one tops our worst vacation ever list.

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