Friday, January 22, 2010

Beach trip

We went to the beach today to do a writing for a customer. While there, these people actually kept walking through our shot. I mean, to the point of stopping and looking at the writing while in the shot. I finally could take it not more and said, "DO YOU MIND?" That stopped them.

We did the pictures and when we got to the truck I noticed I'd put a wrong phrase in one so R went back down to do it and while I waited a lady in the parking lot got scratched real bad by a feral cat. Her fingers were bleeding something awful. I got out and got her our first aid kit and then put band aids on her fingers till she could go to the doctor or get to the drug store.

Finally we got to go and everything worked out. I have a new picture for someone (I'll attach it) and helped out someone, which R helped too since he's the one who went back onto the beach to rewrite the phrase.

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