Friday, January 22, 2010

Misc stuff

We're heading out for our trip in a few days. The funny thing is that the Mobile area is calling for fog the day we board so let's hope it's not a repeat of what happened in December but I think it won't be. That was unprecedented fog and highly unusual. Regular fog shouldn't keep us grounded.

Got a new writing gig and I'm very excited about it. I have already done a few articles and they were good. The girl who hired me was super nice and friendly too. So far they're easy to write too.

Saw The Blind Side and really enjoyed it.

We had the hugest storm this morning. There was a thunderclap so loud it sounded like lightning hit our backyard. I was a little freaked out and I normally love storms. This one was just too strong for me. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and that's good because I sold a beach writing and need to go make it before we leave. I also sold two pet memorial boxes. I was so pleased to see those sales in one day.


karneval said...

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Schwein Kostüm said...

Nizza post.thanks für die Buchung es hier und den Austausch mit us.Its wirklich gut.
Schwein Kostüm


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