Sunday, January 31, 2010

We're back

We made it back from our trip. I'll probably split some of our trip up into different blog posts.

Some highlights though:

The first time I used the restroom on the Lido deck it almost sucked me in. You know how the ship bathrooms are? This one went off and I couldn't get up. ROFL

The weather was pleasant and not too hot at all.

We saw the neatest road signs that we took pictures off. From iguana crossing to multiple animal crossings to this sign with railroad tracks that went around a bull. We still don't know what that one means.

The hotel lost one of my rings I left there by accident. I had to send them the cost and a picture. This is a ring I'd lost before and had it re-bought for me.

Saw the greatest Beatles show on the last night of our cruise. It was awesome but they don't allow video or pictures due to copyright issues. I'll try to find some info. Here's a bad video of the audience cause we all got glow sticks. Here's a picture I found somewhere else.

I have to edit about 300 pictures. R originally took over 800 so that's a good start.

I walked about 10 miles in Xcaret but more on that later.

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