Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am riveted by this breaking story on the approaching Tsunami heading towards Hawaii. It doesn't sound like the waves will be huge at least but it does go in a 500 mph so either way, it's not a good thing. It's a series of waves, not just one big one like you see in the old 70's movies.

I wish everyone in any area affected much luck and prayer. That includes the other areas in the Pacific Basin affected areas such as Australia, Japan and even California. I also want to extend prayers to the people of Chile.

I think the first wave is supposed to hit in about 10 minutes but hopefully it's not as devastating as it sounds.

It's weird how the disasters have been so frequent lately. I hope it's not something that will keep up.

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Okay, I get a little freaked out. First the earthquake in Haiti, then a small one near Grand Cayman, now tonight there was a 7.0 quake off the coast of Okinawa Japan and an 8.8 in Chile. Now, is it me that the earthquakes (or strong ones, rather) are becoming more prevalent or is it just that the news is reporting on it more? I'm kind of leaning towards that there is more. I could see the news reporting more on smaller ones but that doesn't negate the fact that there were two very strong quakes in a single night, just hours apart. I just find it a little frightening and although we're not in an earthquake prone area, they still can happen anywhere in the world. In fact, there was one in the Gulf a few years back and one in Alabama lately, I think I recall.

I did just read that the earth has up to a million earthquakes each year and some places have minor ones almost every day. Pretty wild. I guess it's like volcanoes.
They're there...they can erupt but most don't and then there's that chance that the big one will happen like some in the past. Hey, weather and natural disasters fascinate me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Vince Neil Single

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Disasterous Day

Today we were gone for 7 hours...7 hours that were wasted. We stopped off to pick up lunch (our 2nd stop) and I ate two bites when I broke a tooth. My front one. I looked like a hockey player. Called to get that taken care of and went there. After we were done we went to Home Depot and then the truck would not start. Had to call AAA. Had it towed to Pep Boys who said the battery was shot. This is one of those Optimum $200 batteries. Okay so that's under warranty. We got it started and drove to Advance Auto and they test the battery and it's now fine. Something drained it. Okay so finally 7 hours later we get home. The only good part is that I got some of those exercise tennis shoes that are super expensive but I got a pair for just $40. They feel neat, like walking on a water bed.

Shutter Island Review

We got to see Shutter Island last night after anticipating it for months. I'm happy to say that I thought it was awesome. The visuals were stunning, the story was unique and atmosphere was brilliant.

Shutter Island is about a Federal Marshall who is called to investigate a missing patient from a mental institution that houses some of the most atrocious patients. One such patient is the one that is missing; she drowned her three children. It seems that no one is too helpful there and there are secrets that Teddy (Leonardo DiCaprio) is trying to find out and expose. From there I'll let you see it on your own because it's hard to tell a lot about it without sharing the ending or telling too much.

The scenes where Teddy's late wife (Michelle Williams) appears are breathtaking and some of the best of the entire movie. Ben Kingsley is top notch as usual.

It's rated R and there's enough gore, flashbacks and shocking material to satisfy everyone who likes a little harsh "reality" with their entertainment. This gets a 5/5 rating from me and I can't wait to see it again to pick up a few things I might have missed.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

I am loving Survivor this season. I have to admit though, I am all for the villains. Probably because other than James, I don't really like any of the heroes this year. I used to like Rupert but he's just being worthless this year and Tom and Colby are being all arrogant, as usual.

Now the villains, they're the exciting bunch. You've got grouchy Randy, my favorite Coach Ben Wade, Boston Rob, Russell and a host of other people I adore like Courtney. What more could you want? Not to mention the fact that the villains actually seem to work together on the challenges and win. The heroes seem to have too many chefs in the kitchen. I forgot, I do like J.T. on the heroes side but no one even listened to him when it was time to do a challenge he'd done in the past.

At this point I can't even imagine who might win but I'm certainly hoping it's a villain. One thing is certain, I am loving Thursday nights!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Danica Patrick gets my props

I'm not sure I like Danica Patrick but she sure gets my props. First of all, she's infiltrated a sport that is for certain a boy's club and to top it off, she takes sexy pictures. So she not only knows how to market herself and take her name branding to another level only few achieve but can also drive. So, here's to you Danica. I had my doubts but I have to give you credit when credit is due. By the way, this one's for you, Ken. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mardi Gras Parade

We had an awesome time in the parade yesterday with the Krewe of St Andrews. I'm attaching a picture of when we were starting to put our beads up. Anyway, I was sick that day but I'm glad I went. I'd been running a fever, etc but once we got there I had a blast. We had fun doing suck and blows (check the site) and then throwing out beads once the parade started. It's a great bunch of folks and we always enjoy our time with them. Looking forward to next year's parade already!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Fixings

Here's our menu for Superbowl Sunday:

Sage sausage stuffed mushrooms
Fried hot chicken wings
Buffalo baked chicken drumettes
Stuffed jalapeno peppers with cream cheese and bacon
Mini bagels with ham and cream cheese
Tortilla chips with queso dip

So far my chicken wings turned out perfectly. Golden brown, not burned at all. I'll add Tabasco and butter to them. R is making his baked with this really hot buffalo seasoning.

The jalapenos always turn out awesome and we're going to finish watching the Super Bowl and eat some yummies.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ready for Spring

I am so tired of this weather. One minute it's so gorgeous, like today, and the next minute it's all cold again. Tomorrow night is supposed to be in the 30's yet yesterday it was in the upper 60's. I tell ya, I really enjoyed the weather in Mexico. We went at the perfect time because it wasn't overly hot, just windy and balmy. It did get hot out last day there while at Xcaret but even that wasn't bad at all and in Cozumel it was absolutely beautiful. It rained briefly but never got steamy or humid, just windy and nice. I miss that and I want my sunshine back.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Those road signs in Mexico

If only we'd gotten that weird bull and railroad tracks sign too!

Thursday, Friday and home

Thursday we got the Calica. Calica is basically a rock quarry where it's close to Xcaret, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, etc. We had opted to go to Xcaret. I had wanted to also visit Cancun but a one way taxi ride was $60 USD. I'll keep that in mind next time. Even to PDC was $30 USD one way. To Xcaret it was only $10. There were weird road signs on the way like Iguana crossing, a sign with multiple animals on it crossing and some weird sign with railroad tracks and a bull in the middle and we have no clue what that means still.

Xcaret is beautiful. We barely had time to even see some of it but what we did see was breathtaking. Cenotes, a butterfly pavilion, the aviary, gorgeous pools, etc. The weird thing is there is a lack of handrails and some places are like a 100 foot drop with no handrail. Everything is very hard to walk on and steep. I have never walked so much in my life. It was worth it though. They had an awesome looking buffet but it was pricey and we didn't have time anyway. We had to be on the boat at 4:30 and didn't even leave till 3:30.

Friday there was a great show. It was called Ticket to Ride and was a Beatles tribute show. We had glow sticks and everything. One of the best Carnival shows I've seen and even tops the Broadway one we saw on the last trip to Mexico.

We got into Mobile in the morning and took the "easy" disembarking so we could sleep later and not have to tote our luggage out. We were going to pick up Mardi Gras beads in Alabama but they had parades that day so the tunnel was closed. Mobile has over 48 parades for Mardi Gras! Wow! We have like 4 here.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Obviously there's a lot to tell but you can see our pictures and all on Webshots.

PS I still don't think I can pronounce Xcaret right.

Monday, Tues and Wednesday

I'm trying to split these up and make sure they're not boring. Monday and Tuesday were days at sea so we weren't in Mexico till Wednesday. After learning this, I got incredibly homesick. For some reason I thought we were to be in Cozumel on Tuesday so two days at sea were a lot for me. I was very emotional and a crybaby. Okay, not in public but to myself. I had fun but was just feeling sad.

Wednesday we reached Cozumel and the homesickness went away. We docked in the morning and headed out to Cozumel. We took some awesome pictures and had lunch at Pablo's Patio again like last time. We paid a cab driver to take us to a private beach and back to the ship when it was time to go. She took us to the most beautiful beach and while I was filming some video four parrots flew by. Now that's so cool! We bought a few things but honestly, not much. We got some real vanilla, a shirt, 2 wall lizards and a wall hanging. They all look great together in our dining room and we finally found the best prices. Oh and I definitely visited the farmacias (pharmacy). It was super cool to see all of the neat things you can get over the counter. I got my vitamin B12 shots at 5 for $22 and here it's $25 a shot at the cheapest. They had antibiotics, etc...anything you could want but narcotics. It was packed too, with people and their prescriptions.

We also saw some beautiful artwork that was totally unaffordable but now we can't remember the guy's name who does it. It's like ceramic animals in hot air balloons and tubs. Sounds weird but totally gorgeous and whimsical. One small piece was $199.00 and the big one was like $3000. Now I can't find them here because we forgot the name.

The boat ride down was pretty smooth and we had a nice time sans that bout of homesickness.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pictures are up

Keep in mind that these aren't edited for showcasing and the videos are on here too so just FF through them to get to the pictures :)

Mexico 2010

Videos from Mexico

We have our videos up from Mexico. You can view them here. I will embed one of them.


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