Monday, February 22, 2010

A Disasterous Day

Today we were gone for 7 hours...7 hours that were wasted. We stopped off to pick up lunch (our 2nd stop) and I ate two bites when I broke a tooth. My front one. I looked like a hockey player. Called to get that taken care of and went there. After we were done we went to Home Depot and then the truck would not start. Had to call AAA. Had it towed to Pep Boys who said the battery was shot. This is one of those Optimum $200 batteries. Okay so that's under warranty. We got it started and drove to Advance Auto and they test the battery and it's now fine. Something drained it. Okay so finally 7 hours later we get home. The only good part is that I got some of those exercise tennis shoes that are super expensive but I got a pair for just $40. They feel neat, like walking on a water bed.

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