Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, Tues and Wednesday

I'm trying to split these up and make sure they're not boring. Monday and Tuesday were days at sea so we weren't in Mexico till Wednesday. After learning this, I got incredibly homesick. For some reason I thought we were to be in Cozumel on Tuesday so two days at sea were a lot for me. I was very emotional and a crybaby. Okay, not in public but to myself. I had fun but was just feeling sad.

Wednesday we reached Cozumel and the homesickness went away. We docked in the morning and headed out to Cozumel. We took some awesome pictures and had lunch at Pablo's Patio again like last time. We paid a cab driver to take us to a private beach and back to the ship when it was time to go. She took us to the most beautiful beach and while I was filming some video four parrots flew by. Now that's so cool! We bought a few things but honestly, not much. We got some real vanilla, a shirt, 2 wall lizards and a wall hanging. They all look great together in our dining room and we finally found the best prices. Oh and I definitely visited the farmacias (pharmacy). It was super cool to see all of the neat things you can get over the counter. I got my vitamin B12 shots at 5 for $22 and here it's $25 a shot at the cheapest. They had antibiotics, etc...anything you could want but narcotics. It was packed too, with people and their prescriptions.

We also saw some beautiful artwork that was totally unaffordable but now we can't remember the guy's name who does it. It's like ceramic animals in hot air balloons and tubs. Sounds weird but totally gorgeous and whimsical. One small piece was $199.00 and the big one was like $3000. Now I can't find them here because we forgot the name.

The boat ride down was pretty smooth and we had a nice time sans that bout of homesickness.

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