Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enzo's Pizza and Grill

We found the most awesome new pizza place here locally. It's called Enzo's Pizza and Grill and the food is to die for. Last night we got enough for two meals for just $30. Wings, 2 calzones, a huge antipasto salad and cheese bread. The calzones were huge and so was the salad, which we split and still had leftovers. And the wings, they were perfect. I got the parmesan and garlic wings and they still had just enough heat to make them tasty but not overpowering. Best of all, they deliver for free. They're at 1322 Beck Avenue for you locals and their phone number is 215-4562. I also included their website link where you can see the menu and prices. Give them a try!

Protection Juridique

Si vous recherchez une compagnie d'assurance qui fournit l'assurance de protection légale puis est pour toi. Non seulement offrent-ils la protection légale pour des individus, ils sont également disponibles pour des entreprises, des artisans et des négociants. N'importe ce que le type d'individu vous sont ou quel type de travail vous faites, ils peuvent aider. Professionnels, sociétés et associations de même ; ils défendront vos droites. Ainsi pendant votre vie privée ou professionnelle, ils sont là pour toi. Vérifiez-les dehors et sachez qu'ils fournissent un contrat de protection légale garanti. Obtenez l'aide légale par le téléphone, un avocat, aide légale générale et aide avec l'acceptation de la responsabilité des dépenses de cour. Protection juridique.

A new mountain to climb

We have a new burden and that would be our central heat and air that is no longer working. Most places want around $3700 and while I had that much earlier in the year it went to get caught up on things like the mortgage. I'd rather be hot in my house than not in my house at all. Financing is pretty much out of the question so any ideas? Ideas and help is appreciated. :) Oh how I miss 2007-2008 when the economy was at my favor. On hindsight, should have fixed it then.

Monday, March 29, 2010

free wordpress themes

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Dinner and Drinks

We went to Outback the other night and I have a tiny complaint. Our food and service was great but the one thing that I have a problem with is that I rarely order drinks out since they're so expensive and I don't drink that often anyway.

So the other night I wanted a Bailey's Irish Creme. I asked for it to have light ice so the waitress brought it to me without ice at all and a separate glass so I could use ice at my discretion. The drink was literally about a fingertip high. I kid you not. I'm talking about the size of half an inch in the bottom of the glass and this puppy was $7.50. Now I know drinks are expensive when you eat out but really? We bought two bottles of Bailey's on our last cruise to the Bahamas for $22 total. That's two whole bottles which make about 100 of those drinks.

I was really disappointed. Sure, it tasted good but $7.50? $5.00 was too high but that was unreasonable. Thank goodness our dinner was great and we enjoyed it.

iLASIK Contest Winners

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

The winners were recently announced for the “You Gotta See This” iLASIK Video Contest from Abbott Medical Optics, Inc. They are a worldwide leader in laser vision correction and had an awesome contest where entrants made a video showing how improved vision would impact their lives. There were cash and prizes, including a $5000 cash prize as the grand prize.

Not only can you view the winners and their prize winning videos of the iLASIK Video Contest, you can also register for valuable eye care products that you can use.

There were three categories that won prizes plus the grand prize. They include: My Contacts Are Getting In The Way Of My Good Time, My Favorite Sport Or Activity Would Be So Much Cooler With Better Vision and You Should See Life After The iLASIK® Procedure. The winners had cool videos with titles like You Gotta Be Kidding Me! A True Story” by Robbo, iLASIK Would Make Surfing More Enjoyable and Orbs of Perfection. Each won prizes like the $5000 cash prize, an HDTV package, and a Flip UltraHD camcorder. There were even first and second prizes in each category.

So stop on over and check out all there is to learn about iLASIK and see if it might be right for you and don’t forget the watch those prize winning videos!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do it like they do on Big Love

After my whiny post the other day I figured I'd talk about nonsense but something I've wondered. If you curse but use an alternate word for the curse word is it the same? Like on Big Love, they don't curse but they will use words like, "Oh fudge" or "You are being a real B!" Since cursing is using a word that is deemed profane and you have the same intentions, is it the same? I admit that I curse a lot. I know, now I have family members who might read this and be all like, "Say what?" Actually, I doubt they read my blog but whatever. However, I do try to use alternate words sometimes since I never curse in public or in front of family members. It doesn't feel right. But at home, watch out. So anyways, I might stub my toe and say something, "Fudge sticks!" or "Holy Mary Mother of God" instead of the usual "Holy Sh*t!" So, is that better? If the intentions are the same does it really matter if you said the exact word? Something to ponder.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Few people know about but they should. It's a company that creates and licenses its technology to cities and private companies. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert waste water sludge and other bio-organic wastes into bio-mineral farming and soil fortification products with true market value. The company has generated sales in excess of $40 million dollars, since its first offering to the public.

You had fun...really?

I was noticing something last night on American Idol. How come when someone either goes home on a TV show or gets bad feedback their first words are that they had fun? Just once I want someone to say what they're really thinking like, "Well, I thought it was fine and you just don't like me" or "Yeah I sucked." When I lose a game on a cruise ship or wherever I get totally mad so imagine if I were on a game show or a competition. I'd find it hard to just say that it didn't matter because I had fun. Oh yeah, I'd cry too easily too so the public would hate me and call me that crying girl. I can just see myself on Survivor or something, missing my family and wanting to come home but not wanting to and crying all the time. I'd be known as "that" person that annoys me when I watch it. I always say, "Oh Lord, it's the crying girl again." That'd be me.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I know people have more to do than I do but this weekend overwhelmed me a bit. I had the wedding on Saturday, 4 large articles to finish on time and the KOSA newsletter to put together. All is done but the newsletter which I am about to start.

This all left me feeling frazzled and moody. Today I have school and don't want to go. I'm like a little fish in a big pond there and when I was at GCCC I was a big fish in a little pond. I don't like being a little fish and while I love the classes, it takes everything for me to show up. Big fish get special treatment and the teachers all love them. Little fish swim with tons of other fish and no one knows who the little fish is. Big fish could impress others with tales of their "special" side job. Little fish impress no one, nor do they try.

I guess today is my rant day. I thought the wedding pictures turned out great yet not many people said anything and the constructive criticism I did get just made me feel inadequate.

So there you have it. My little fish overwhelmed inadequate day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Group Mergers and Acquisitions

March Group is more than just a merger broker. They offer acquisitions and mergers and specialize in middle-market businesses and their sales. Created in 1986, they provide clients with a variety of services including investment banking and consulting. Not only that, but March Group also helps entrepreneurs get financing in every single facet of their business plan.

While March Group has the headquarters located in South Florida, they have offices throughout the globe with more than 200 brokers in their service as part of their skilled team.

March Group launched a venue to bring additional worth to their patrons by enabling them to view non-disclosed postings of corporations for sale online. Not only can a business view confidential listings of companies for sale but they can also get access to a broker who can help them and all they have to do is register. The listings are viewable by the type of industry and the location so you’ll know exactly what type of company may be of interest.

Don’t take my word for it, you can view March Group by visiting their site for more details. If you’re looking to purchase a business, this is the right place to be.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travel Warnings to Juarez....Really?

I got amused yesterday. We were waiting on information on the car being repaired and a news show was on the TV in the waiting room. It seems that they are issuing travel warnings to Mexico. There were three places and one was Juarez. The other two were near Juarez. Really? Does anyone really travel to Juarez? I can see if it were a warning against Cancun or Cozumel but Juarez? Really?

Juarez is so violent that it is the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones. It is three times more than the most murderous city in the United States. There's an average of 7 murders per day. Think about it, that's (tries to do math) like 84 per week. Imagine you're in your own city. Isn't it big news when there is a murder? Just one. Now imagine 84 a week and around 210 per month.

Now I know it's a major border area, right by El Paso, Texas but if you live in El Paso do you really want to head on down to Juarez? If I know about how violent this city is and I live in Florida, don't you think the people of El Paso know even more?

I suppose if you lived near it'd be some kind of great adventure to even step foot in Juarez and live to tell about it but isn't a warning kind of, pardon the pun, overkill?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

TV Snobs vs. Reality TV Junkies

I will probably make a few people miffed. This, however, is not intended for any one person. In fact, most of the folks I am talking about are those that reply to friends on Facebook and I don't even know those people. My query is: How come if one person asks if they are the only ones that haven't seen an episode of American Idol (and this isn't for you Lori, this has happened before) then 10 others have to pipe in how they'd NEVER watch reality TV? Here's the thing though, at least part of the time those same people will say something like, "Oh well I do watch Mythbusters but that doesn't count." Or, "Yeah I kind of like Dr. 90210 or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

People, those are reality shows too. Just because you don't watch Jersey Shore or Survivor does not a reality non-watcher make. You just like different kind of reality shows.

I've never been into The Bachelor or The Hills but that's a preference. I will watch Jersey Shore, Survivor and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

I'm just saying, before you think you're better than reality TV you might want to check out what it is you do watch and what category it falls into. ;) And for the record, I'll watch any of the VH1 "Of Love" shows and their respective spin-off shows. I know that every TV snob reading this just fainted.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Orange County Movers

With the economy the way it is the real estate market has taken a hit and more people have to move. It’s important that when you choose a mover to help in that transition that you find one that is insured, licensed and bonded. If you are in California and need Orange County moving companies or Orange County movers then this is the place for you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Bad Doggy Mommy

This is Swan chillaxing.

In fact, here she is all passed out and too chillaxed to eat.

However, Swan loves the great outdoors. She doesn't care if it's raining or snowing or even frigid Florida temperatures. She likes to go outside and chase down critters she finds such as bugs and lizards and the occasional squirrel.

Last night it was storming. It was so bad I *gasp* turned off the computer and went to bed. Now I like to leave the back door open when the weather is nice so we get fresh air and the dogs can go in and out at their leisure. I was told not to do this because someone might come in and get me but I figure unless they are ninja boogymen, I should be safe. It's a 6' privacy fence so ninjas or perhaps ninja zombies and I'll wish I listened. Otherwise, the door stays open until I go to bed. Then I shut and lock it and turn out the light outside.

So I head for bed and Swan always finds her own place to sleep and will eventually find her way to the bedroom. The twins follow me.

About 4:30 AM I was sound asleep and boy was it storming. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain forest rains, the works. R wakes me up and says, "Where's Swan?" I tell him she's somewhere in the bedroom. He proceeds to tell me that he could have sworn he heard her outside. I'm thinking, "no way, it's a hurricane out there" but got up to see.

Sure enough, she was outside. Not under the gazebo where it's semi dry, not whining at the door to let her in, nope. She was running around in the rain barking at stuff. The "I'm going to get you" bark she reserves for said critters. I felt awful. I let her in and was she excited? You betcha. But not because now she's dry and warm (because we dried her off and gave her tons of attention), nope she's happy cause she ran around in the rain and was soaking wet. I feel awful that she was outside but I swear she had a blast and loved it. I mean, who goes out in that rain? The twins wouldn't even step foot out there. I know, one of them hosed my desk chair down. I had to clean that up before I went to bed. Mind you I'm sitting in it so you tell me how they sneak up and do that and I don't even realize it. Luckily it's a desk chair so I can just wipe up the plastic part at the bottom with some cleanser and a rag. I have this feeling if I had a big ole sofa at my desk they'd still do it once in a while. Great, there goes my big ole sofa at my desk idea.

All is well now. So this make me a bad doggy mommy or one that assumes her dogs will come in out of the rain?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Picture

I thought I'd review some of the movies I've seen that were nominated for Best Picture this year. We all know which one won but that's beside the point.

Avatar - I loved this movie. I had wanted to see it as soon as the trailers started rolling and it proved to be totally awesome.

The Blind Side
- Great movie. It was even better than we thought it might be.

District 9
- Some people hated this movie but I loved it. On first viewing I didn't like it as much but it grew on me so that by the time I watched it again I was riveted. It's a great movie on social aspects regarding race and things that are different from each of us.

An Education - I have not seen this one yet but it is in my Netflix queue. Besides, I adore Peter Sarsgaard.

The Hurt Locker - Okay, everyone loved this but I did not. I liked the beginning but to me, it was long and drawn out and ended abruptly. I wouldn't want to watch it again.

Inglorious Basterds - Liked it, didn't love it but I think it's like District 9 and I need to watch it again. My biggest complaint was the time, it was a little long and I feel that if it'd been 20 minutes shorter I'd really have liked it. I also wanted to see more of Brad Pitt and Eli Roth's characters. Christoph Waltz was outstanding though. I think if I watch it again I'll like it even better.

Precious - Saw this yesterday and it was really good. I can see why Monique won the Oscar because she was phenomenal. Very depressing though so it goes on my list of movies I can't watch too often. Right up there with Last House on the Left (the original), Monster's Ball and Schindler's List. All great movies but the subject matter is just too sad for multiple viewings.

A Serious Man - I haven't seen this one but it's on my queue as well.

Up - I'm not big on animated movies but this one had a great story and I really liked it. Not to mention that it's rare for me to cry over an animated movie but I did with this one.

Up in the Air
- I have this one at home and plan to watch it today or tomorrow. I hear it's good but I'll have to see if I like it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

ABF U-Pack

If you’re looking for a truck rental for a move then why not consider ABF U-Pack Moving? With normal truck movers you pay for gas, taxes and insurance but with ABF that is all included. It’s similar to renting your own truck to move except they do all of the driving for you.

Spring Break

Spring Break is this week for me and what is odd is that the last two years have been pretty cold. I mean when I was in high school I remember getting sunburned during spring break but not now. The forecast calls for the 60's tomorrow which is pleasant but where's my 80 degree weather? I don't have to have it that hot but the evenings are still quite chilly so it'd be nice if it was at least a little warmer.

In fact, last year we couldn't even use the pool till May and that's unheard of. I hope this isn't something that is going to last forever. Oh well, I'm still enjoying my time off from school.

Debt Consolidation

In today’s struggling economy too many of us have problems with debt; especially credit cards. The one good thing is that there are options. Borrowers or potential borrowers have can get help and budget assistance with credit card debt consolidation solutions. What happens when you consolidate debt is that all of your debt is combined into one payment. This payment is usually far less than you would pay if you had to pay them all separately and can really help with people struggling to pay bills. Debt consolidators take your payment and send them to the debts you owe but with a lower interest rate.

Credit counselors do other helpful tasks as well. They can give you advice on consolidating your debt, help you with assistance in your endeavors and inform you of everything that may be difficult to understand or do on your own. They’re there to help you and lower your debt. Counseling advice, credit relief and tools and tips to help you out are just a few examples of what a debt consolidation counselor can do to help.

So, if you’re struggling each month to pay bills then a credit counselor with credit card debt consolidation options may be the one thing to change your debt.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Grey's Music

I have this thing about the annoying music on Grey's Anatomy. Now I hear these songs everywhere and I blame Grey's for it. They crop up on American Idol, while waiting for coffee at Starbucks and on television commercials. They're awful. I know, that's just my opinion but it's like a trend now. There's one culprit that is the worst but I don't know the name or artist so I can't share it here and I'd have to wade through a million songs to find it. However, here are some of the other culprits:

Ingrid Michaelson's The Way I Am This was recently performed on American Idol and while the voice was perfect for this song, I still hate it.

Pocketful Of Sunshine', Natasha Bedingfield
Not the worst culprit and she does have some songs I like such as Unwritten, but this one is an offender.

In fact, Jason Mraz is an offender of this type of music and while I'm at it, Jack Johnson too. I tried to like this kind of stuff and just can't. It's like this laid back, I don't care kind of folk sound.

Now the odd thing is if you do a search for similar artists you get Adele and Duffy and I love their music so what gives?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

2012 and a question

Saturday night we're having some friends over to watch 2012. I'm really looking forward to it since it's been a while since we had a movie night with friends. We did watch one with Christina a few weeks ago but that wasn't a planned night. Plus, they have little kids that have to have a sitter. (very cute twins)

I'm trying to think of something to eat. I know we can have the usual burgers or order something but what would be kind of casual without a lot of fuss? Anyone got any ideas? Maybe we could have the stuff like we have at the Super Bowl with all kinds of different items and maybe some sandwiches. That's a thought. I'll have to see if they like that kind of thing.

Send me your ideas. :)


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