Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Bad Doggy Mommy

This is Swan chillaxing.

In fact, here she is all passed out and too chillaxed to eat.

However, Swan loves the great outdoors. She doesn't care if it's raining or snowing or even frigid Florida temperatures. She likes to go outside and chase down critters she finds such as bugs and lizards and the occasional squirrel.

Last night it was storming. It was so bad I *gasp* turned off the computer and went to bed. Now I like to leave the back door open when the weather is nice so we get fresh air and the dogs can go in and out at their leisure. I was told not to do this because someone might come in and get me but I figure unless they are ninja boogymen, I should be safe. It's a 6' privacy fence so ninjas or perhaps ninja zombies and I'll wish I listened. Otherwise, the door stays open until I go to bed. Then I shut and lock it and turn out the light outside.

So I head for bed and Swan always finds her own place to sleep and will eventually find her way to the bedroom. The twins follow me.

About 4:30 AM I was sound asleep and boy was it storming. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain forest rains, the works. R wakes me up and says, "Where's Swan?" I tell him she's somewhere in the bedroom. He proceeds to tell me that he could have sworn he heard her outside. I'm thinking, "no way, it's a hurricane out there" but got up to see.

Sure enough, she was outside. Not under the gazebo where it's semi dry, not whining at the door to let her in, nope. She was running around in the rain barking at stuff. The "I'm going to get you" bark she reserves for said critters. I felt awful. I let her in and was she excited? You betcha. But not because now she's dry and warm (because we dried her off and gave her tons of attention), nope she's happy cause she ran around in the rain and was soaking wet. I feel awful that she was outside but I swear she had a blast and loved it. I mean, who goes out in that rain? The twins wouldn't even step foot out there. I know, one of them hosed my desk chair down. I had to clean that up before I went to bed. Mind you I'm sitting in it so you tell me how they sneak up and do that and I don't even realize it. Luckily it's a desk chair so I can just wipe up the plastic part at the bottom with some cleanser and a rag. I have this feeling if I had a big ole sofa at my desk they'd still do it once in a while. Great, there goes my big ole sofa at my desk idea.

All is well now. So this make me a bad doggy mommy or one that assumes her dogs will come in out of the rain?

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