Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinner and Drinks

We went to Outback the other night and I have a tiny complaint. Our food and service was great but the one thing that I have a problem with is that I rarely order drinks out since they're so expensive and I don't drink that often anyway.

So the other night I wanted a Bailey's Irish Creme. I asked for it to have light ice so the waitress brought it to me without ice at all and a separate glass so I could use ice at my discretion. The drink was literally about a fingertip high. I kid you not. I'm talking about the size of half an inch in the bottom of the glass and this puppy was $7.50. Now I know drinks are expensive when you eat out but really? We bought two bottles of Bailey's on our last cruise to the Bahamas for $22 total. That's two whole bottles which make about 100 of those drinks.

I was really disappointed. Sure, it tasted good but $7.50? $5.00 was too high but that was unreasonable. Thank goodness our dinner was great and we enjoyed it.

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