Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do it like they do on Big Love

After my whiny post the other day I figured I'd talk about nonsense but something I've wondered. If you curse but use an alternate word for the curse word is it the same? Like on Big Love, they don't curse but they will use words like, "Oh fudge" or "You are being a real B!" Since cursing is using a word that is deemed profane and you have the same intentions, is it the same? I admit that I curse a lot. I know, now I have family members who might read this and be all like, "Say what?" Actually, I doubt they read my blog but whatever. However, I do try to use alternate words sometimes since I never curse in public or in front of family members. It doesn't feel right. But at home, watch out. So anyways, I might stub my toe and say something, "Fudge sticks!" or "Holy Mary Mother of God" instead of the usual "Holy Sh*t!" So, is that better? If the intentions are the same does it really matter if you said the exact word? Something to ponder.


Unknown said...

No it still is the same but I like to say 'Baloney sauce' once in a while instead...

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather have the kids pick up "Fudge" from me than the alternative.

Anonymous said...

Something for you on my blog today;

Karsun said...

Why thank you, Baba! I'll be sure to pass it along too. :)

Anonymous said...

on the new Battlestar galactica, they always say frack for the f word. lol


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