Sunday, March 14, 2010

TV Snobs vs. Reality TV Junkies

I will probably make a few people miffed. This, however, is not intended for any one person. In fact, most of the folks I am talking about are those that reply to friends on Facebook and I don't even know those people. My query is: How come if one person asks if they are the only ones that haven't seen an episode of American Idol (and this isn't for you Lori, this has happened before) then 10 others have to pipe in how they'd NEVER watch reality TV? Here's the thing though, at least part of the time those same people will say something like, "Oh well I do watch Mythbusters but that doesn't count." Or, "Yeah I kind of like Dr. 90210 or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

People, those are reality shows too. Just because you don't watch Jersey Shore or Survivor does not a reality non-watcher make. You just like different kind of reality shows.

I've never been into The Bachelor or The Hills but that's a preference. I will watch Jersey Shore, Survivor and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

I'm just saying, before you think you're better than reality TV you might want to check out what it is you do watch and what category it falls into. ;) And for the record, I'll watch any of the VH1 "Of Love" shows and their respective spin-off shows. I know that every TV snob reading this just fainted.


Lori Whitwam said...

LOL! Are you sure it's not about me? ;-) I don't think I said I don't watch ANY reality shows, because I do like Deadliest Catch. As for the "train wreck" or "competition" types of reality shows, I don't watch them for the same reason. I don't like conflict. The stress of competition and the engineered conflict among reality show participants makes me anxious. Life has enough anxiety and drama, so I tend to watch reruns of old sitcoms, which is no kind of intellectual accomplishment, or stuff on Nat Geo (currently watching King Tut: Unwrapped!)or History or Discovery. Low thrill, but also low-stress.

Unknown said...

Well I am the Biggest Survivor Fan and Team Russell for now...who knows later or next season.. :) but seriously I get where your coming from.. I use to watch deadliest catch alot to lori but I don't know I don't or haven't watched it in forever.
Usually my life is full of too much reality I think, animal planet, history channel, discovery, Bio and so forth.. No sci-fi in my li...


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