Thursday, March 25, 2010

You had fun...really?

I was noticing something last night on American Idol. How come when someone either goes home on a TV show or gets bad feedback their first words are that they had fun? Just once I want someone to say what they're really thinking like, "Well, I thought it was fine and you just don't like me" or "Yeah I sucked." When I lose a game on a cruise ship or wherever I get totally mad so imagine if I were on a game show or a competition. I'd find it hard to just say that it didn't matter because I had fun. Oh yeah, I'd cry too easily too so the public would hate me and call me that crying girl. I can just see myself on Survivor or something, missing my family and wanting to come home but not wanting to and crying all the time. I'd be known as "that" person that annoys me when I watch it. I always say, "Oh Lord, it's the crying girl again." That'd be me.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

you know, I would probably say something to the judges as well. lmao


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