Friday, April 9, 2010

Combining Feedburner Feeds

Well, it worked. I have all of my subscribers back (waiting on some to verify) and I successfully combined the feeds. Here's how to do it so that anyone else can figure it out without having to use a feed service and just go through Feedburner.

-Choose the feed you are looking to delete.
-Change its original feed source to the feed source of the feed you are looking to keep.
-Delete the feed you are looking to not keep and make sure to choose the 30 day redirection box.

What I did first though was copy all of my e-mail subscribers and their e-mail addresses so I would have them in case of any mistakes. I re-signed them all back just to be safe and that seemed to work.

I now have 69 readers instead of it split into two feeds and combined with my posts I made on Criminal Minds, I have my PR2 back. Yay!

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