Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cydia Error Fix

If you have an iPhone and it's jailbroken then you may get errors on Cydia that look like:

I found out how to fix it and will try to explain. First you need to download OpenSSH on Cydia. Just do a search for OpenSSH and install. Once you have that installed restart your phone.

Then on your PC you download WinSCP

Once you have both you will need to run WinSCP and go to your iPhone in settings, WiFi, then view details for your IP address.

In WinSCP you will put in your information like the following picture except use your own IP address in the Host Name Field and the password is alpine:

Now once that opens it will search for you. Just ignore the the message that it can't find the host because it will keep looking for you. Once it connects then watch this video below to fix Cydia. I did it and it worked perfectly.

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