Monday, April 26, 2010

Disclaimer **Adult Product Review**

**Warning - adult product review below**

I recently received my very first product for review from Eden Fantasys. It’s the Purple Passion, which is a cyber skin toy and let me tell you, I love the feel of cyber skin. Every time we go to one of the adult shops I always play with the cyber skin samples, going around sticking my finger in them. I know, just picture that, right? It’s just an innovative and unique type of product. So obviously the first thing I did when I received it was to savor the feel of the cyber skin sleeve that fits over the actual product.

The Purple Passion is a waterproof kit that includes the textured sleeve and has the multi speed vibration ability from the handy dial at the base. The first thing I noticed was that the speed didn’t seem very high but that was just from touching it, not actual use. Believe me; it has a nice, steady speed when used in the right places. It also has a unique angled head that is great for g-spot stimulation which was very nice. The most perfect thing is how it feels though. Cyber skin comes closest to feeling like real skin and was definitely a plus and a high selling point for me.

The only downside I would give the Purple Passion is that it eats batteries like I drink Starbucks coffee. We played with it for about 20 minutes before it went toe up and died. That’s not very convenient when you’re in the moment. However, given the rest of the positives that it brings to the table, I’d definitely recommend it for the price.

It requires two AAA batteries and it easily cleaned with soap and water. I like the waterproof aspect since you don’t have to worry about it tearing up during normal cleanings. This adult toy is easy to store in any place you normally store any product of that nature. It features Phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, food-grade material and latex free. It's 6 3/4 in length and 2 inches in circumference.

product picture
Vibrator kit by Topco
Material: Plastic / Cyberskin
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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