Friday, April 16, 2010

Judging is so not cool

As most of you know, we've had AC issues. We have one person that came out that is a friend and that's who we're going with. Good deal and all that. In the meantime though, we had another person who is a friend of a friend who supposedly had a unit already that we could get. So he calls up R today to ask for directions and said, "The only address I see that might be you is the one with the $80K truck outside." Well, that's us but the truck was not $80K when we bought it and we're still paying on it. So R tells him that's us and he has his Nextell on while talking to his wife and tells her about the truck. She proceeds to tell him, "Oh yeah? Poor babies! Shouldn't have spent so much on a truck." I'm like, "Say what?"

I've already dealt with this earlier in the week with someone else. First of all, no one knows what we have, what we spend or what we're lacking. Only what I tell you and since I have a big mouth, sometimes that's a lot. My point is, you can't look at the person in line wearing a Rolex with a food stamp card and start bitching. Their watch might be fake, they might have got it as a gift or they fell on hard times. I'm tired of being judged by people who think they know what I do. Yes, I love to buy things and yes, while I was loaded I spent like it. There, I said it. Having money in 2008 doesn't mean that I needed a new AC unit then or a new car for R. We need it now and we're getting both without help from anyone else. So to those that care, I appreciate it. To those that judge, find someone else to judge and remember that you're the one being judged by doing so.

PS I do not have a food stamp card, that was an example. LOL

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