Friday, April 30, 2010

Miscellaneous Crap

My dogs suck. The other day I spent quite a while picking up dog toys from the yard, bringing them in and washing and drying them. The yard looked like a daycare. I also cleaned the entire deck and table area. Right now it's very dark outside, sprinkling and guess what? There's about 10 plush toys in the yard, getting wet and dirty. My dogs suck.

I am gathering things for R's mom's garage sale tomorrow and I have discovered I have some kind of shoe fetish. I found about 15 pairs of sandals and sneakers that can go and I haven't even looked through my other pile of shoes. I have a purse fetish too but I'm keeping most of those doggone it. What should shoes sell for? $5? They're Sketchers, Baby Phat, Tommy Hilfiger, etc sneakers and sandals. I think $5 is fair, maybe $10 but that might be too high. You know how garage sales are, you go to get these super hot deals. I'll probably do $5. Then what if they don't sell? I'll feel all sorry for my poor shoes.

The rain is back. More rain means more demons from hell in the form of palmetto bugs. I keep a clean house, we exterminate, etc but those minions of satan come in via the deck when it rains hard. They seek shelter in my home and I'm terrified of them. I saw 3 last week. THREE! Once, I could count on Swan to defeat the mighty terrors but she just rolled over and went to sleep this time. Luckily the mighty R murdered them but still. What if he wasn't here? Can't count on the dogs to do the work for me. Remember, they suck.

With that said, I love my little hellions. They take naps with me, keep me company and bark at strangers and protect us. I was teasing about them sucking. :)

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