Monday, April 12, 2010

My Awesome iPhone

I got my birthday present early since we got such a great deal. We found an iPhone on Craig's List that's unlocked and jailbroken. We met the guy at Starbucks tonight and it's like brand new other than having a ton of songs in it, which is perfectly fine with me. He even hung out with us till we got it set up and called T-Mobile to add it. So I've already set up my favorites like Facebook, Foursquare, FML, etc and R helped me move them to the right place. I know how but couldn't get but one moved right. He also put in my contacts for me while we watched TV. I'm loving it so far and now we are thinking about getting him one later on when we have the money. We got this one at this totally awesome price. The ones like it were on eBay for double and sometimes triple the money with it being unlocked and jailbroken too. I'm very excited! I love my Blackberry but I love this too!

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