Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WebMD has given me diseases

Never use WebMD. I had tingling feet. Now mind you, I may have sat wrong or something but I went to look it up and it seems I either have diabetes or Multiple Sclerosis. All of the symptoms of both, I kind of have.

I would assume if it were either it'd be the diabetes where you eat wrong because I definitely do that. I've tested mine before though and it was fine but just to be sure I think I'll call and get an appointment to be tested. Hopefully I just sat wrong because they are not tingling now.

In fact, perhaps my feet knew I was writing this and freaked out and thought they'd better straighten up and fly right. Geez, on top of the central heat and air going out, R's car blowing a head gasket (oh, I didn't tell you that one? After we fixed it instead of buying another car and now the money we'd have for a down payment is sunk into said car?) and all I figure my luck has run out. Now I have a deadly disease and that's all I need.

Darn WebMD! ***still not tingling, I must have sat wrong for sure, right?

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