Friday, May 14, 2010

Darn a/c units

Well, we finally got to order our a/c unit and boy was that a hassle. The dimensions that it states on the specifications aren't what that unit really had. Are you confused? I am! Regardless, we have one on the way that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Now R will have to alter the closet it will go into (no more attic unit yay) and Rick will put it in for us so we might just have a/c in a few days.

Along the lines of "if it's not one thing it's another" our pump on our pool is tore up. I am waiting to see if the place that is getting our pool ready has that part available. If they do then we might have the pool ready about the same time the a/c is. Now wouldn't that be great? Then I might get some awesome pictures like the one above of Blitz being a cool doggy. Those two love the pool more than anything. We have to spell it out if we're talking about it because otherwise they go nuts.

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