Friday, May 21, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale - spoilers ahead

Wow! What an awesome show tonight. this is pretty much just a rundown of who all got shot and/or killed, not an entire synopsis.

I have to admit that sometimes Grey's can be a little fluffy but tonight was intense. I almost went to fix some dog food right when it started, knowing I wouldn't miss anything and that's right about the time Reed took a bullet, then Karev. It was shocking and definitely intense. From that point on it was a thrill ride that leaves you breathless.

Meredith is pregnant, Charles got shot, Derek gets shot, Owen gets shot and so on. The most heartbreaking moment to me wasn't when Meredith thought Derek was dead because I kind of figured that Christina and Mr. Blue Eyes planned that but when Bailey couldn't save Charles and we had to watch him die. Not only that but he confessed he always had a crush on Reed, not knowing she was already dead.

Owen is okay at the end, Derek will be okay and Karev will be okay. However, Meredith has a miscarriage while helping Owen. That was sad too. The whole show was awesome and I can't get over the word intense. I mean how scary is it to be in any kind of building with a shooter on the loose? I felt their fear. One of the best moments is when Derek realizes who the shooter is. The expression on his face is perfect acting similar to when Jeff Daniels realizes there is a bomb in the house in the movie Speed. I have to give props to Bailey too. Her acting was impeccable.

Awesome ending, awesome show.

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