Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Finale

So, what did you all think of LOST tonight? I really enjoyed the finale show and have yet to watch the 2 hour opening show. (Had to see Celebrity Apprentice)

Okay so we were right. Season 1 R and I both guessed that it was purgatory and while it wasn't for all of the castaways, it was a purgatory of sorts for Jack so yeah, we were right all along.

I guess the only thing I didn't totally understand was the flash sideways parts where they all recognized each other. Does this mean this is their lives without the island but they were on the island to help Jack? Either way it was brilliant and I'll miss it. I didn't always get to watch it on the night it came on but I always caught up on shows as soon as possible.

Brilliant show and definitely one of a kind. PS Loved the ending with Vincent lying beside Jack.

***I've read more on it and I guess I get everything now. Jack died on the island. The others may have died after or not yet but they were all with him at the end to help him move on. So the flash sideways was a creation of sorts and the island was real. Am I right?

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