Saturday, May 1, 2010

My ring came back!

Some of you might remember that about 3 years ago I lost this beautiful ring that I was given as a gift. Then I got it again as a gift and while on our trip to Mexico in Feb I lost that one. The hotel found it then they lost it so they reimbursed me but I swore to never buy it again since it seems to wander off too often.

Tonight we were at R's mom's house for her garage sale tomorrow. We have this tote that I use to sell things like on Etsy and eBay. It had some books and a couple of movies, nothing major. R decided to clean it out and at the bottom of the tote was my original ring. That thing has been missing about 3 years! I must have had it on when I was putting something in the tote and it slipped off.

I hope this one stays around a little longer. You can view it at the link I posted or this is a picture of it above. The price has sure gone up from what it was bought 3 years ago.

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