Sunday, May 9, 2010

Really great depressing movies

I know, I've talked about my preference for dark movies before but I'm not sure if I had a list with links and all that. Even if I did I'm sure I've found more and besides, it's my blog, I can depress us all if I want! ;) BTW, I won't include movies that just make me cry because those are tearjerkers and not necessarily depressing. For instance, The Notebook or Marley and Me. On a side note, most depressing book ever: One Second After. Now if you do happen to read all of this I'd love for you to comment and share some of your favorite depressing movies or ask questions about these. :)

Dancer in the Dark - Who knew Bjork could act? This movie is brilliant and so very depressing but it's one of my favorites that I own but will watch anytime it's on when I'm flipping channels.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - I love movies about the Nazis and this one is no exception. The ending was so horrifying and I never ever saw it coming.

Titanic - I saw this 4 times when it was out at the theaters and I cried every time. I'm a little jaded now and can make it without wailing but back then I was just devastated.

House of Sand and Fog - I love Ben Kingsley and I love this movie but the ending makes you want to throw a boom box in the tub. Great movie, hard to watch.

The Magdalene Sisters - I can watch this movie over and over. It's about 4 girls in Ireland during the 60's when most anything can get you thrown into the Magdalene laundries to atone for your sins. Worst of all, it's based on true events.

Trade - Nothing like a little sex trafficking movie to ruin your day. This movie is very raw and realistic.

Requiem for a Dream - What can I say about this movie? It's on everyone's top ten list as most depressing and it is. I love it but good gosh is it sad. There's a particular montage that is heartbreaking and you all know which part I mean if you've watched it.

8MM - Highly entertaining but you want to take a bath after seeing it. A very dark movie about a found snuff film. One you hope for a happy ending but noooo, we can't have that now can we?

Heavenly Creatures - Another movie I can watch over and over except for the ending. I totally freaked out R watching this one when he saw it. One of the times I got angry for being judged on a movie choice.

Boys Don't Cry - This movie is so depressing that I've watched it once and that's it. I can't watch it over and over because it's that darn sad and it makes me want to eat a bullet. (not literally y'all)

American History X
- Great movie about redemption and changing but that scene at the beginning still gives R nightmares. It involves a curb. The acting in this by Ed Norton is top notch.

Once Were Warriors - A little known movie about a Maori family. It's tragic and has no happiness at all. I love it but it's another that's hard to enjoy due to its depressing nature. Alcoholism, rape, domestic violence, suicide...what else can I tell you?

Monster's Ball - The one movie I refuse to watch again because it's that sad and depressing. If the other movies make you want to swim with electricity, this one makes you want to slice all of your arteries. I've never seen a more depressing movie and while it has an excellent story and acting, I just can't do it.

The Day After - Nuclear holocaust, nuff said.

Testament - Another nuclear movie. Less special effects than The Day After but more heartbreak if that's possible.

Right At Your Door - This is another movie that the ending wasn't something I saw coming even from a mile away. What would you do if there was a dirty bomb and your spouse came home after being exposed? Do you let them in?

The Boost - One of my all time favorite movies and it stars James Woods as a cocaine addict. R hates it but I must have seen it 20 times over the years.

The Wrestler - I adore Mickey Rourke and this movie reminded us what an excellent actor he is. Speaking of him, I recently watched Angel Heart again since it's now on BluRay and forgot what a dark and depressing movie this one is too.

Schindler's List
- How the heck did I forget this? The first time I saw it I called up my mom and dad and could barely form a coherent sentence. R was working nights back then so I was watching it alone and blubbering like crazy. I still do.

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