Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sin to Win

Tonight's Criminal Minds had a little phrase I had to look up. Prentiss had to skip her "Sin to Win" weekend due to a case that came up. BTW, this case was set in Tallahassee Florida and although Criminal Minds is my favorite show ever, can we stop putting tags on the front of the cars? CSI Miami is guilty of this too. Hey research teams, we don't have front plates in Florida!

So anyway, it seems that it's a video game by EA Games that caused a little fuss a while back. At the Comic Con Convention they had participants take pictures of "lust" with the booth babes and tweet them. This is the theme because the game is aptly called Dante's Inferno and the sin of lust is one of the nine circles of Hell.

So, Prentiss just boosted up a notch in my book. Heck, I love all of the characters on the show and can't wait for the Criminal Minds spin-off.

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