Saturday, May 29, 2010

Warning -Adult Review - Glass Probe

I recently got the glass probe to try out from Eden Fantasys. I've always wanted one of the glass probes simply because they are unique. You can heat them up or put them in a cool environment so that they get cold, for a totally different sensation.

First of all I liked the shape and texture of it. There's nothing like the feel and look of glass. I even joked that I would put it on my display shelf with my glass paperweights, etc. I didn't but I almost could get away with it since it's so pretty.

It has a tapered construction and is very slick. It can be used with all types of lubrication pretty much; from oil based to water based and silicone.

The pros: It's affordable, feels unique and is very pretty to look at. With the glass construction you can make it cold or hot, depending on which you prefer and with it being non-porous it's easy to keep clean and can be taken most anywhere such as a pool or hot tub without worrying that the chemicals will damage it.

The cons: It's glass so it does not bend at all, which makes it something you have to be quite careful with. Normal probes that are of a different product have a bendable feel to them and this does not. However, the sensation is top notch and the price is exceptional. Most glass probes cost way more money, up to a hundred dollars or more and this one is just $29.99, which is very affordable.

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