Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Weekend

So, do any of you have anything exciting planned for Memorial Day Weekend? I really just want to lounge in the pool, get some more sun then grill out later that evening. To me, that's a nice holiday weekend. Obviously, let us not forget those who served including both of our dads. I only wish they were here to enjoy this weekend with us.

I think we're going to do shishkabobs and squash casserole. Maybe some bread too. We make a mean squash casserole and shishkabobs, no lie. It's calling for rain but hopefully it'll pass us by at least one of the two days R has off. I know the twins are dying to go on the pool and I want to get more pictures of them playing in there. I took an awesome one 2 years ago and cut the size down like an idiot so I can still use it but it's not large enough to submit anywhere. Duh, me.

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