Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Longer Eyelashes

I was once told I had beautiful eyelashes and this was from a plastic surgeon! No, I didn't have work done, I had a skin cancer removed. Not so glamorous now is it? Since then I have focused on eyelashes and what I can do to make mine longer.

If you're looking for eyelash growth you might want to try Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum. It's an all natural clinically proven , paraben free and safe to help you grow longer , thicker and darker lashes in as little as two weeks. It's also easy to use! You just apply it like you would eyeliner. You do this once a day and that's it. Now how easy is that? Some people see results in as little as two weeks and it lasts for 3-5 months so you definitely get your money's worth. With a 60 day money back guarantee why not see if it's right for you?

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