Friday, June 4, 2010

An Oil Slick Rant

This oil spill is just sickening. I saw the most heart wrenching photos of the poor birds coated in crude oil, which is not like the oil you get for your car. Crude oil sticks and is hard to get off. I remember seeing the Dawn commercials where they're cleaning animals and it was heartwarming. I had no idea how the poor animals really look in this mess. And it seems that every thing that happens lately becomes a political fight between the left and the right. That's another thing that is sickening. Focus your energy on being mad at what happened and who needs to fix it, not each other.

One more thing. I'm tired of seeing people rant and rave that people who drive large SUV's are the people at fault. I drive a large SUV, the largest there is pretty much. Here's some information for you all. We use about $40 a week in gasoline at most, sometimes every two weeks in that truck. I work at home and school is less than a mile away. Now who out there who has a small vehicle can say the same? Not many. And by the way, how do you think you get your food, medicine and anything else essential? It's brought by semi trucks, airplanes and trains. Those use oil. So unless you have a solution to fix how we get the things we need shut the hell up.

I live on the Gulf Coast where we have white sands and emerald clear water and this might reach us. In fact, it's likely. Not only will our beaches be ruined but think of the job less in a town that is mostly tourism related. My husband just got back to work in March so now what happens when the tourists stop coming? What happens to Louisiana, Alabama, etc? Consider job loss, the precious animals and the gorgeous beaches instead of fighting with each other.

I've said what I had to say so if anyone doesn't like it, have at it.

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