Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I got my 2nd treadmill in the mail today and it was damaged as well. Luckily between the two we were able to make a working treadmill. LOL I called Amazon and they gave me a $50 credit. I just have to have UPS pick up the one we're sending back.

On that note, I walked half a mile tonight after dinner. I want to get up to a 5K, which is my goal. It's nice to be able to watch TV and walk. I like it.

Swan had this swollen thing on her foot with pus in it. I'd been keeping an eye on it in case it was a spider bite but she had no adverse symptoms. Tonight I was looking at it, squeezed it and this huge thorn thing came out. It was one of those wheat like thorns that get on your clothes. They're in bushes and they're wheat colored. That's what came out of her foot. Weird! I'm glad that's what it was though. We've been treating it with triple antibiotic and cleaning it with peroxide.

I've had a sinus infection or at least a low grade of it. I bought some meds and they're helping a lot. Just OTC stuff but you wouldn't believe how fast it cured the headache(s) part.

My first bedroom is officially clean. It was such an overwhelming chore since we lost almost 3 closets with the new a/c. However, PawPaw came over today and helped me and we both knocked it out in like an hour or two. I'm so glad you can walk in there now. Took a bunch of stuff to The Humane Society Thrift Store and there's a few things that can be straightened up but it's a room again.

That's it for me. This sinus thing makes me so tired but I have been getting up earlier usually.

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