Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remember this?

Since some anonymous Internet coward implied I was old the other day I figured why not recall some of the things that will really make me sound old. Some of these are when I was little and had certain reasons like being in a rural area. By the way, I am not old and I am not decades over 40 and I got carded 3 years ago. So there! ;)

-You could dial the last 5 digits of a phone number instead of the entire number if you lived in the same area.

-Party lines - these were only at my granddad's house but he lived in the woods. My cousin and I used to try to pick up on calls and listen in for fun. They had an old outhouse too that was left over from the old days.

-When MTV played just videos but you had to pay extra to get it. Back when I was younger MTV and a few other stations were part of a Cable II package that was extra. I went to friends' houses to watch it because we did not have it.

-Video jukebox on HBO. What we did have was HBO and years ago between movies you either got a short film or a video jukebox. I loved that! OMG y'all, I found the intro!

-My parents still used the alphabet for phone number prefixes. Like my mom would say, "Their number is PO3-xxxx." I recently saw Betty do that on Mad Men.

-People could smoke in offices and restaurants. Hey, that wasn't that long ago but now it just seems weird. I see it on Mad Men all the time and it's so strange to me but one of my first jobs I had, the secretary there would smoke incessantly at her desk. Years later when I worked there again she still did since it was family owned and a small business.

-My purple transistor radio that I'd take to school. It did AM/FM and late at night I could listen to baseball games and talk radio out of NY and places like that. I still find it neat so I've kind of always wanted a shortwave radio. Rich says that's dorky (an old person term) but hey, when the apocalypse comes it'll be our only form of communication!

I won't go through the rest since most people remember them. Things like 8-Tracks (I never owned any but my brother had an 8-Track player in his Roadrunner. Nice car BTW), no computers, cell phones or that type of thing, playing video games in the convenience store before school, etc.

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