Thursday, June 24, 2010

Told off?

I recently found one of my submissions on this cool site where you can rant about former bosses. Well, you can read my little submission but one of the stupid comments had me wondering.
The person asks how many decades over 40 I am because I used the comment, "I told them off."
Okay so you tell me readers, what the hell comment should I have used? What is younger sounding? I mean come on, I can text pretty fast, I'm Internet, smart phone, music and movie savvy and I love immature bathroom jokes. So just how young should I be acting and talking? Sure, I don't type out crap like IDK or shorten words and say stuff like, "Dey all hatin my worz i wrot out on dat site" but really? Is "telling someone off" an indication that I am old?

PS Two out of the six comments so far were the only ones that were idiotic. The rest were nice. (so far) If anyone wants the link just e-mail me. Oh my bad, I bet I should have used the F word instead of hell. And again, I used "my bad" and that's so like 1990. The cycle continues.

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