Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bali Pure Natural Artesian Water

I was fortunate to receive some Bali Pure Natural Artesian Water the other day and it was downright good. I waited to do my review till I had actually had some of it and it was worth it. The bottles are adorable but best of all, it tastes great. You know how some bottled water tastes but this was delicious.

Bali Artesian Water is the purest from of still-water available. The water is collected from a purified, untouched water source in a confined underground aquifer then brought to Earth via stainless steel pipelines.

The water is then processed through Micro-filtration, Ozone, and Ultra-Violet lighting to provide you with the most genuine and authentic artesian water available.

Bali artesian water contains no chemicals or additives, and is considered to be in its best form fro human consumption. You can honestly taste the purity and goodness.

Right now they even have a contest where you can win a free case! Check them out and ask your local retailer if they carry Bali Pure Natural Artesian Water.

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