Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Brother Saboteur

Any idea who it might be? I already know who I feel more bonded to and who I don't care for so far but as far as the Big Brother Saboteur, I'm thinking maybe it's either Kristen or Brendon. Maybe even Andrew but not so sure on that one. The other two either acted odd to me or I just think it's them. So far I like Andrew, Kathy, Ragan and Matt but that is subject to change. Does anyone else think Rachel reminds them of Maria Kanellis from Celebrity Apprentice just not quite as pretty? That's not being mean to Rachel it's just that Maria is super gorgeous and Rachel has that God-awful laugh that is annoying as hell. I admit it, I love Big Brother and can't wait to see who this saboteur is. Should be interesting.

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